(800) PIGGY-555-0120
99 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong
10.17AM – 10.19AM Fridays

This is banking, but not as you nose it.

Someone’s got to stand up to the Big Bad Wolf of Wall Street.
The era of traditional banking is over – the time for Piggybanking has arrived. We say: about time, Mr. Wolf.
We offer 24/7 banking, award-winning customer service, transparent rates and no fees abroad. In other words – no hogwash.
So with us, there’s no need to huff and puff. Be a clever little piggy and join today.


传统银行的时代已经过去了 —— 现在是真猪银行的时代!我们会说:“是时候了,大灰狼先生”。
我们提供24小时不间断的银行服务,每一位客户都是我们的掌上名猪,还有透明公正的利率以及免境外手续费。换句话说就是 —— 明码实价。

We’re kind of a pig deal.

We serve 88 million amazing customers…

… piggybanking in
88 countries worldwide…

… and valued at
$88 billion in total!

The bank everyone’s porking about

“Best piggy bank ever”
“Just unbreakable”
“Once you go Piggy you won’t go back.”
“It will make your investments Oink Oink!”
“Beats any other piggy bank out there!”